Nature is a prominent theme in much of Mandi’s photography and printmaking. She has an experimental approach to image making and often uses abstraction and distortion to communicate perceptions and emotions. Her photographs are created in-camera and her photographic toolkit includes creative lenses and various glass and plastic pieces to shoot through.
Found objects, hand-cut masks, and water-based inks and paints are used to create her monotypes. The gelatin printing plate is her main instrument for printmaking, where she layers colors and forms onto the plate to create multi-layered one of a kind prints. This technique doesn’t involve an actual press.
A native of Long Island NY, she has fond memories of the coastal landscape and changing seasons. She received her BFA in Photography from L.I.U. Southampton in 2004. While there she assisted late photographer Pete Turner at his home studio. He, and his use of bold color and contrast in his photography, left an impression on her.
Seeking change of pace and scenery, she relocated to Arizona the following year. The incredibly diverse landscape inspired her and she spent much of her time there exploring it. She also enjoyed working with local artists, photographing art and printing giclées of their works at a small company in Scottsdale.
In 2007 she made a new home in Seattle where she created and managed the in-house printing for an art publishing company. Since 2012 Mandi has been residing on Bainbridge Island with her family, raising her children and continuing to enjoy photography and printmaking. She exhibits her work locally and volunteers in the local art community.

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